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Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Henderson, NV

Much like a pedestrian accident, accidents involving a bicycle versus a motor vehicle often lead to serious injury. While the motorist is rarely injured beyond minor bruising, the cyclist may require extended medical care and rehabilitation. For many, this type of accident can even lead to a lasting disability. The cost of paying for hospitalization and doctors visits, in addition to time missed at work during your recovery, can quickly add up. For this reason, you may want to consider filing a bicycle accident claim against the driver who caused the accident with an experienced Henderson bicycle accident attorney.

What Rights Do Cyclists Have in Nevada?

Cyclists have to obey many of the same laws as drivers, with one important exception – you don’t have the same insurance coverage. However, this does not mean that cyclists don’t have the same legal rights as they would if they were hit by a negligent driver when they were both in cars. When a bicycle accident occurs, cyclists have the same ability to hire a Henderson Bicycle Accident Lawyer to ensure their right are protected as a driver would in the same situation.

What Are The Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Henderson?

Bicycle accidents often occur despite the cyclist’s attempt to be as visible as possible. Because a bicycle is so much smaller than a motor vehicle — or even a motorcycle — they are often hard to see. For that reason, cyclists have to pay more attention to the actions of the drivers around them. Even so, a driver who isn’t watching the road, fails to see the cyclist or is driving distracted may turn in front of someone on a bicycle, not yield the right away or make other mistakes that cause an accident.

Why Do I Need An Experienced Henderson Bicycle Accident Attorney?

David Boehrer recommends that anyone who is hit while on a bike call a Henderson bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. A Henderson bicycle accident attorney who is familiar with this type of accident understands that the issues that surround them may be more complicated than they first appear. Police officers aren’t always familiar with the common causes of bicycle accidents, or make other mistakes that make these cases difficult. They file the accident report, and it states that the cyclist was doing the wrong thing. You may even accept that you’ve made a mistake and do not have the right to file a claim against the driver. In many cases, the reality, though, is that the laws give the bike riders the right to do what they were doing. Many Henderson bicycle accident attorneys who focus on this type of personal injury case work on a contingency basis, so there is nothing to lose by calling a Henderson bicycle accident attorney for expert advice on your individual situation.

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How Can I Find a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Henderson, Nevada?

If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle accident in Henderson or the surrounding areas, David Boehrer Law Firm can help you. Call (702) 750-0750 today for a risk free consultation, and to discuss your case with an experienced Henderson bicycle accident lawyer. Unless we are able to secure a settlement in your case, you will owe nothing.

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