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FAQs about Bicycle Accidents in Henderson, Nevada

Whether riding for recreation, fitness or transportation, Henderson, Nevada is simply one of the best places around for bicycling. Unfortunately, bicycling always carries risk, especially these days when drivers spend less time with their eyes on the road and more time looking at their phones or in-vehicle information systems. Bicyclists and pedestrians are among the groups most at risk of being injured in a distracted driving accident, since they are less likely to be noticed by a distracted driver in time to avoid a crash. See below for answers to frequently asked questions about safe bicycling and bicycle accident claims in Nevada, and contact the David Boehrer Law Firm if you have been injured in a bicycle accident in Henderson.

Are bicycles “vehicles” under Nevada law?

Nevada motor vehicle laws specifically exclude devices moved by human power from the definition of a vehicle. However, many Nevada motor vehicle laws apply to bicycles nevertheless. When traveling on the roadway, cyclists have the same rights and the same duties as motor vehicle drivers, with some exceptions. Just like drivers, bicycle riders can get ticketed for traffic violations.

Are headlamps required to ride at night?

Headlamps are required from a half hour after sundown to a half hour before sunup, as well as during the day when required by weather conditions for visibility. Bicycles must also have a red rear reflector and reflectors on each side. Having a rear taillight does not remove the requirement for a red rear reflector.

How much distance must cars give to bicycles?

On multi-lane roads, cars should stay a lane apart from bicycles. On single-lane roads, cars are required to give bicycles three feet of space when passing. Drivers are required by law to use due care in passing a bicycle, and they can be held liable for accidents which result from their negligent violation of the law.

Can bicycles ride in a lane of traffic, or must they use bike lanes and shoulders?

Bicyclists are encouraged to use bike lanes whenever they are available, and they are allowed to ride on the shoulder, but cyclists are not required by law to use either. Cyclists may choose to take a lane instead if they choose. If riding in a lane of traffic, cyclists are supposed to ride as far to the right as practicable, except when making a left turn, traveling at a speed commensurate with the traffic flow, or when it would not be safe to do so.

A cyclist can lawfully occupy the lane and ride in the center of the lane when the lane is marked with a bicycle and double arrow, indicating the lane is to be shared equally by cars and bikes. If there is only one lane for travel and five or more vehicles are lined up behind the bicycle, the cyclist must leave the roadway where it is safe to do so to allow the vehicles to pass. This rule applies to all slow-moving vehicles as well as bicycles.

Can bicycles ride side-by-side?

Riding two abreast is not prohibited on bicycle paths or bike lanes, but it is prohibited on roadways.

Can cars occupy the bike lane?

Bicycles have the right-of-way in bike lanes. Cars are prohibited from occupying bike lanes except in limited circumstances.

Are bicyclists required to wear helmets?

Nevada law does not require bicycle riders to wear helmets. However, helmets can help protect you from serious injury if you are struck by a motor vehicle driven by a negligent or distracted driver. Always ride in the direction of traffic when on the roadway, stay alert to your surroundings and signal your intentions before turning. If you are hurt in a bicycle accident in Henderson, contact the David Boehrer Law Firm at 702-750-0750 for a free consultation with a carding and dedicated Henderson bicycle accident lawyer.

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