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Common Causes of Henderson Car Accidents

Car accidents take tens of thousands of American lives every year and cause serious injuries to hundreds of thousands more. Even when drivers are fully insured, they may struggle to receive the compensation they’re owed after an accident without the help of a knowledgeable attorney. Learn more about the most common causes of car accidents below, and speak with the Henderson car accident lawyers at the David Boehrer Law Firm for more information.

What are the most common causes of Nevada car accidents?

Drunk Driving

Despite decades of campaigns highlighting the deadly consequences of drinking and driving, alcohol plays a role in a startling number of roadway accidents and fatalities. In fact, officials estimate that about a third of all fatal car accidents involve at least one driver who was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Distracted Driving

It is likely no coincidence that, as smartphones have risen in popularity in recent years, so has the rate of fatal accidents on US roads. According to one study, 88% of all US drivers activate their phone at some point during a drive. Drivers feel confident that they can text, talk, take photos, and change music playlists, all while keeping an eye on the road, but they’re often wrong.

It isn’t only phones that can cause dangerous distractions. When drivers attempt to eat, attend to their young children, or allow passengers to get out of control without pulling over, they put themselves and other drivers at much greater risk of a crash.

Aggressive Driving

Navigating traffic can be stressful, but responding to this stress with aggressive driving tactics can pose a serious danger to others on the road. Drivers who speed, follow too closely, cut off other drivers, yell threats, or otherwise behave aggressively while behind the wheel are much more likely to become involved in an accident. Victims of aggressive drivers can use evidence in the form of public surveillance videos, dash cam footage, eyewitness testimony from other drivers, and police reports to prove that another driver was driving recklessly and aggressively before a crash.

Drowsy Driving

Many drivers don’t realize the extent to which they’re putting their lives and the lives of others in peril by driving on too little sleep. When drivers get between five and six hours’ sleep a night, they become about twice as likely to be involved in an accident than someone who got seven or more hours’ sleep. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that, when analyzing video of drivers involved in accidents, almost 11% of those involved in serious accidents showed signs of drowsiness prior to a crash.

If you’ve been the victim of a Nevada car accident, get dedicated and aggressive help in fighting for the money you’re owed by contacting the seasoned Henderson personal injury accident lawyers at the David Boehrer Law Firm for a free consultation at 702-750-0750.

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