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Nevada Slip-and-Fall Cases: FAQ

Slip-and-fall accidents can leave victims with painful injuries and crippling debt from missed work and medical expenses. Learn the answers to some commonly-asked questions about slip-and-fall cases in Nevada, and contact the professional and seasoned Henderson premises liability lawyers at the David Boehrer Law Firm for more information after a slip-and-fall accident.

What does a slip-and-fall accident victim need to prove in a lawsuit for money damages?

Not every victim of a slip-and-fall accident will have the right to collect damages through what’s known as a premises liability lawsuit. Accident victims must prove certain elements in order to receive compensation from a Nevada court for their injuries. Most importantly, slip-and-fall victims must prove that the owner of the property where their accident occurred was negligent in allowing the dangerous condition to develop.

Proving that the property owner was negligent requires that the accident victim use evidence to show that:

  • There was an unsafe condition on the property
  • The owner of the property knew or should have known about the unsafe condition,
  • The property owner failed to either fix the unsafe condition or warn visitors of the condition, and
  • The unsafe condition was a cause of the victim’s injuries.

How likely am I to win my slip-and-fall claim?

Proving the elements of a premises liability lawsuit isn’t easy. For example, the property owner may argue that another customer created the hazard immediately before the victim was injured, so that the owner did not have time to eliminate the dangerous condition before the accident. The property owner may also argue that the victim’s injuries existed prior to the accident and were not caused by their fall. Additionally, Nevada law allows property owners to argue that fall victims were partially responsible for their injuries; in legal terminology, this is known as “comparative negligence.” If the property owner argues that the victim was more than 50% responsible for their injuries, the victim may be prevented from recovering anything for their injuries from the owner.

Due to these and other challenges associated with bringing a slip-and-fall claim, victims are strongly advised to hire a seasoned, skilled Nevada personal injury attorney to represent them. The David Boehrer Law Firm has fought for accident victims for years and can help you get the compensation you need and deserve after a Nevada slip-and-fall injury.

What types of evidence are most often used in Nevada slip-and-fall lawsuits?

Slip-and-fall accident victims often use the following types of evidence to prove their right to receive money damages for their injuries:

  • Eyewitness testimony from other customers, visitors, or employees of the business where the accident occurred
  • Security camera footage of the accident
  • Accident recreation experts
  • Medical experts

For seasoned, effective help after a Nevada slip-and-fall accident, contact the experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive Henderson slip-and-fall injury lawyers at the David Boehrer Law Firm for a no-cost consultation at  702-750-0750.

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