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Types of Truck Accidents Most Common in Henderson, NV

With Interstate 15 and U.S. Route 95 running through the city on their way across America between the Mexican and Canadian U.S. borders, Henderson, Nevada sees its fair share of tractor-trailer truck traffic, and then some. Semi-trucks are a vital part of our nation’s commerce and economy, but they unfortunately have the ability to cause tremendous destruction in a motor vehicle collision. Read on to learn about some of the most common types of truck accidents that Henderson motorists face, and contact an experienced Henderson truck accident attorney if you or a loved one has been injured in a serious truck accident in Henderson.


Bad tires are a leading reason that thousands of trucks are immediately pulled from service after being stopped at checkpoints during annual roadside safety inspections. When a tire blows on the highway, the truck driver is apt to lose control of the rig, leading to a serious crash. Truck drivers are required to inspect their tires regularly, keep them properly inflated and replace them as needed. Carriers should also take care that the tires they are installing on their fleet are well-rated and not low-quality retreads which can quickly shred to pieces at normal highway speeds. A blown-out truck tire itself can cause serious damage to a vehicle or cause an unexpected road hazard accident.


When a car is involved in a rear-end collision or side-impact crash with a tractor-trailer, the results can be catastrophic or fatal, even at relatively low speeds. The reason is that trailers sit so high off the ground that an oncoming car that crashes into the trailer will go under the truck, causing the roof of the car to crush or come off completely. Federal regulations require 18-wheelers to have guards installed to prevent rear underride accidents, but these guards are often ineffective at preventing an underride or are not installed at all. Congress is proposing new rules to require stronger rear underride guards as well as side guards, but it may be years before any change comes to pass. Meanwhile, truck underride accidents remain one of the most serious and deadly form of truck accident.


Braking is a skill all good truck drivers should be adept at; there are many braking options available to a trucker, and applying the correct procedure is critical to a proper stop. When truck drivers encounter slippery road conditions or road hazards and misapply the brakes, the front wheels on the tractor are likely to lock up while the trailer continues its forward motion. By the time the truck has come to a stop, tractor and trailer are folded on themselves in a v-shape like that of an opened pocket knife. A jackknifed truck may even rollover and cause an even more serious accident than just a jackknife. Jackknife accidents can cause the truck to collide with multiple vehicles and cause tremendous damage to lives and property.


All cars have blind spots, some more than others depending on their design, so it is critical for drivers to check their mirrors and look over their shoulders before changing lanes or merging into traffic. For semi-trucks, blind spots extend across several lanes of traffic on both sides of the truck, and for several car lengths behind the trailer and even directly in front of the cab. Truckers who negligently change lanes without signaling, giving time for drivers to clear the area, and checking their blind spots can cause serious accidents to motor vehicle occupants who happen to be in the truck’s “no-zones” at the wrong time.

Get Help after a Serious Truck Accident in Henderson, NV

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a serious truck accident in Henderson, NV, contact the David Boehrer Law Firm at 702-750-0750 for a free consultation with an experienced and successful Henderson truck accident attorney.

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